Roller Rush

Manage your own, action-packed, drive-in diner in Roller Rush
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Manage your own, action-packed, drive-in diner in Roller Rush. If you are able to keep your customers happy and meet your goals by the end of the day, the sky's the limit. As your business starts booming invest and expand. Decide on the best improvements to attract more customers. Play career mode and plan your investments on your yearly calendar, or play survival mode and take each day as a challenge. Roller Rush makes working a fun way to spend your day!Roller Rush is a game in which your brain will not have a rest.
The game starts with a brief training in which the player is going to be explained the idea of the game. When starting the real game the player will not have a rest and will have to pay attention all the time.
The game consists in delivering the orders on time to the customers that arrive to the restaurant. You will have to first park the car of the customers, take their order, wait till the order is prepared and deliver the order to the customers on time. The thing is that in some cases you will have to deliver more than three orders at the same time. In those moments when the player has to use the brain and try to be very focused. The most important thing is to keep customers happy and reach your goals by the end of the day. And you don’t have to forget to pick up the garbage when the customers finish eating.
When finishing each level the player will see displayed on the screen: How many customers were served, the number of customers lost, the money earned and the stars earned. You will receive an extra bonus if you deliver identical tasks at the same time.

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  • Very entertaining
  • Nice music
  • Nice graphics


  • Not for all ages


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